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It is a special therapy with the help of the horse and the way he affects and influences the patient - both physically and emotionally. In fact, the cooperation of the whole team of specialists is necessary - including therapist, hipologist, rehabilitation specialist, psychologist or psychiatrist and therapeutic assistant. The horses that are used for hipotherapy must be specially trained.
This treatment exploits horse  three-dimensional movement. This form of therapy is suitable for children (from 2,5 years) and adults, depending on the physician's or psychologist's advice.

Hipporehabilitation is particularly suitable for people suffering from motoric disorders: neurological diseases and problems (polio, paralysis, sclerosis multiplex, conditions after traumatic experiences or inflammation, problems with coordination, balance, walking, sitting, gripping objects, controlling the torso or the head, movement or speech stereotypes etc.) or orthopaedical illnesses and problems (scoliosis, body posture, hypermobility, spinal injury, muscular dystrophy-MD etc.)

Psychotherapeutical riding is specially suitable for children with behavioural or studying problems, lack of concentration, attention, speech disorder, sensory malfunction or psychological disorders, emotional or social problems, and also for people with organic psychological disorders, schizophrenia, neurosis, stress, personality disorders, behavioural and emotional problems, etc.
Hipotherapy in general is suitable for combined psychomotoric and sensorimotoric disorders.


Effects of the hipotheraphy :

Normalizing the stretch muscle, interference the muscular dysbalance, mobilization of the joints, improvement of the moving symmetry, improvement of the static and balance, improvement of the movement coordination, improvement of the organism adaptation. This therapy also help with the physical and psychical ability and skill. Hipotherapy release a physical and psychical tension.