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Carlsbad - the best known Czech spa

The best known and the largest spa in the Czech republic dates back to around 1350. The Roman Emperor and Czech King Charles IV raised its status to a town in 1370. The end of the 19th century defined the architecture of Carlsbad. Thje city's best-known sights are the Church of St. Andrew, the orthodox Church of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Municipal Theatre, the Mill Colonnade (Mlýnská kolonáda) and the Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene. Carlsbad is surrounded by romantic hilly countryside – the foothills of Krušné hory.


The fame of Karlovy Vary has spread into the whole world thanks to its mineral springs. There are 12 healing springs in the spa. Their basic compositions are similar but they differ in temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide, and that is why their effects are different as well. The colder springs usually have a slightly purgative effect, while the warmer ones make the production of bile and stomach juices slower. The strongest is the Vřídlo spring, rising from the depth of 2,000-3,000 metres. The temperature reaches 73° C. The temperature of the other springs is around 40° C. The springs cure mainly metabolic disorders; they are also used for inhalations and baths.


Spa Treatment Indication

Thanks to the specific properties of the Karlovy Vary mineral springs and their virtually all-purpose use, Karlovy Vary welcomes patients with various kinds of disorders, most often of which are:

  • Digestive tract disorders
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Gout
  • Obesity
  • arodontosis (Gingivitis)
  • Locomotor system disorders
  • Diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and biliary ducts
  • Oncological convalescents
  • Neurological diseases
  • Many others

The range of therapeutic procedures differs, to a certain degree, from sanatorium to sanatorium, always depending on the specialization and equipment of a specific facility.



Colonnades and Springs

Thermal springs made Karlovy Vary famous around the whole world. Of 79 mineral springs with varying yields, 13 are controlled and used for drinking cure.

The basic composition of various kinds of mineral water is quite similar; however, the different temperatures and contents of carbon dioxide provide different effects. The colder springs have slightly laxative effects, whereas the warmer ones have suppressing effects and inhibit the secretion of bile and gastric juices.


Spa treatment and wellness

The Karlovy Vary spa is the largest resort of its kind in the Czech Republic. It mainly provides the treatment of the digestive tract, the motor system and metabolic disorders. The city offers a large number of spa facilities where you can seek a comprehensive package of spa procedures as well as a broad variety of wellness programs. The local curative springs find all-purpose applications.


Spa procedures and their history

David Becher, Jean de Carro, and other notable physicians were very instrumental in introducing a balanced spa therapy. The treatment involves pleasant walks on colonnades and spa forest paths, drinking mineral springs right at their sourced wells, a special diet, and naturally a broad range of appropriate procedures.

Listed below are individual procedures. Moreover, you will learn something about the development of the Karlovy Vary treatment and about the ancient, sometimes rather drastic methods of treatment.

Spa treatment

The therapeutic transport provided in Karlovy Vary consists of specials procedures formulated mainly on the use of mineral springs. To bring about desired effects, spa treatment must take at least three weeks. After arriving at a spa facility, a client consults one of the spa physicians who perform an initial medical examination and prescribe the most appropriate treatment procedures. The daily schedule of massages, curative baths and drinking cure has to be strictly observed. The effects of the treatment will soon set in.


Clients come to Karlovy Vary to seek:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Comprehensive spa treatment
  • Spa treatment partially funded with health insurance company contributions (co-pay treatment)


Outpatient treatment

This type of treatment requires that a client (patient) undergoes therapeutic procedure (baths, massages, etc.) as prescribed by their physician who can suggest outpatient treatment after injuries, surgical procedures or in case of chronic problems. Prescribed outpatient treatment is usually fully paid by a health care insurance. The number of prescribed procedures is about 10 sessions and the client comes to receive them at a spa facility from their place of stay.


Comprehensive spa treatment

This treatment is usually recommended by a physician - specialist who sends a medical report along with an application for comprehensive spa treatment to the client’s insurance company. The insurance company (or rather its panel doctor) sends the approved application to one of Karlovy Vary’s spa sanatoriums. If the respective sanatorium has available accommodation capacity, it notifies the client no later than 5 days prior to a designated treatment beginning date. Simultaneously, the client receives treatment-related information. If the addressed sanatorium is fully occupied, it forwards the client’s application to two alternative sanatoriums.

The client must start their spa treatment within one to three months from filing their application - depending on the urgency of their physical condition.

The client’s insurance company pays the costs of treatment, accommodation and catering at a standard level.


Co-pay treatment

Co-pay treatment is proposed by an attending physician who sends a medical report along with an application for comprehensive spa treatment to the client’s insurance company. If the application is approved by a panel doctor, the insurance company mails back to the client who himself chooses and contacts a spa facility to arrange for the commencement date of their spa treatment and other particulars.

The client must present themselves to commence treatment within six months from the issuance of the treatment application.

The insurance company pays only the standard spa procedures lasting 21 or 28 day while the client bears the costs of accommodation and catering.


Wellness therapy is actually very similar to spa treatment. The main difference is in the fact it is not prescribed by a physician. Every client chooses wellness programs to suit their specific needs and wishes. They can go for a two-day beauty program or a one-week comprehensive package. The combination of procedures and the time spent in a spa sanatorium is only up to the client’s choice.


„Relax and be beautiful!“

Enjoy sauna, whirlpool, steam baths... The hands of our professionals will bring you relaxation massages and baths and warming wraps. Ladies can enjoy special „beauty programs“, including facial masks, peeling or anti-cellulite treatment. Wellness, however, is not designed only for women. Men can also come into their own. Choose the right thing of the multitude of programs available.

  • Beautiful skin
  • Down with cellulite!
  • Relaxation
  • Regeneration
  • Hydration
  • Aroma therapy
  • Etc...


List of spa and wellness procedures

„Let your worries drift away“

The first baths were actually taken by Emperor Charles Karel IV immediately after the first spring had been discovered. Ever since the spring water of Karlovy Vary has been used exclusively for this purpose. A typical medieval bath involved up to ten hours of soaking all the body or its part. The main reason was to make the skin chap so that „harmful substances“ could be washed out from the body. These drastic methods remained in place until the 16th century.

In the 21st century, you are likely to come across a half-hour bath. Every bathing procedure exploits only the Thermal Spring water (72°C) that is cooled to about 40°C for the purpose of baths. The other springs are used for drinking cure.




Bubble bath

Immerse your body or its part in thermal spring water (38°C) and let the little bubbles gently massage your skin, thus promoting its blood supply and overall muscular relaxation.

Carbonic bath

Your skin absorbs CO2 contains in thermal spring water enriched with this gas (35°C); this procedure enhances your nervous and immune system, provides better blood supply to tissues and brings about muscular relaxation.

Dry carbonic bath

Your body is sealed in a plastic bag stretching from neck to feet, the bag is gradually filled with CO2, increases the oxygen content in blood, dilates veins, and improves overall blood supply.

Peat (mud) bath

Immerse your body or its part in water containing beneficial substances and minerals obtained from peat; these substances facilitate muscular relaxation and wound healing.

Mineral bath

Mineral salts contained in water whose temperature is up to 40°C have beneficial effects on the regeneration of the body, positively affect the function, of heart and kidneys, and improve blood supply.


Whirling water massages all your body or its parts and helps to eliminate pain. The bath takes place in thermal spring water that is about 38°C.

Additive baths

Thermal spring water is added with special substances such as iodine, herbs, salts, etc. These baths convey relaxation effects and are helpful in case of skin or motor system disorders (depending on the type of admixtures).



„Becher’s drinking cure“

Mineral water began to be taken internally as late as the 16th century. This type of use is mainly attributed to the physician V. Payer who first described this method in his book dealing with the Karlovy Vary treatment. In the course of time, the drinking cure sometimes went to extremes. The daily recommended amount of water springs was even more than five liters. These alarming approaches were put to the end by the physician David Becher who was very instrumental in formulating well-balanced spa procedures.

Since Dr. Becher’s time, the spa guests have drunk no more than 1 liter of mineral water a day. Drinking cure is based on 12 springs. The so-called 13th spring - the Becher liqueur - should always be taken with moderation.

Drinking cure


Drinking cure

Specific springs are used upon a physician’s recommendation, in prescribed amounts and frequency, and over a set period of time. Every single spring is characterized with its own composition of mineral salts, ions and gases that altogether define its singular effects. Simultaneously, every client must observe the „Ten Rules of the Karlovy Vary Drinking Cure“.

„H2O - what a powerful molecule’“

The other procedures offered in Karlovy Vary make use of the pressure and temperature of water in its liquid and gaseous state.

Hydro therapy


Warm and cold water jet

Repeated application of the stream of warm and cold water of constant pressure from a distance of 3 m invigorates blood supply and loosens stiff muscles.

Foot bath - treading

Treading water by turns in containers with cold and warm water will help you with varicose veins, poor blood supply in your feet, and headaches.


Dry hot air and subsequent cold shower improve your immunity and blood supply and help prevent respiratory diseases.

Steam bath

Air full of hot steam and subsequent warm shower gradually warms up your whole body, relaxes your muscles and mind.



„Relax please“

Massages are an integral balneological method. They aptly complement the treatment of the motor system and of the lymphatic system. Their also have positive effects on the nervous system. They promote overall body relaxation.



Classical massage

This massage has positive effects on your lymphatic system, blood circulation and muscles; it is beneficial for the nervous system, helps to remove pain, and has general relaxation effects.

Lymph drainage (manual or device-aided)

This special massage helps the body to get rid of toxins, enhances immunity, and provides cosmetic effects (it removes cellulite, regenerate the skin, etc.).

Reflex massage

During this massage pressure is applied onto individual acupressure points, which helps to eliminate pain and remove its cause; compression of specific points has positive effects on the function of the respective associated organ.

Reflex foot massage

This massage also stimulates acupressure points. Every point on your foot affects another body organ or its part.

Hydro massage (hydro puncture)

While sitting in a bathtub filled with warm thermal spring water and being massaged by the pressure developed by a water jet, your body unfolds in relaxation, the blood supply improves and the proper function of the lymphatic system is restored.

„Get charged“

This spa therapy exploits the beneficial effects of electric power on the human body. Electrodes send electric current to the body in short impulses. There is nothing unpleasant about this method; its effects are relaxing and mainly curative.


Electro therapy

The term electro therapy means several therapeutic methods based on the use of electric current. Low, middle and high frequency current is applied in the form of impulses of various duration. Electro therapy helps people suffering from the diseases of the joints, motor system, and metabolic disorders. It eliminates pain, improves blood supply in tissues and promotes muscular relaxation.


One of the methods of electro therapy that uses electric current to create magnetic field with anti-inflammatory and effects as well as the ability to stimulation better blood supply in tissues.


God said: „Let there be light!“

You may feel somewhat skepticalwhen a physician subscribes light therapy for you. Such feelings, however, are misguided.

This therapy uses light, its varying wavelengths or spectrum parts.

Light therapy


Bio lamp

Polarized light heals up skin wounds and diseases, its application is beneficial in case of motor system disorders, induces healing processes, and its anti-inflammatory effects reach up to 3 cm deep.

Quartz lamp

It employs ultra-purple radiation, heals up skin disorders and inflammations; also proves helpful in patients with osteoporosis.


It exploits the infrared part of the spectrum, improves better blood supply in tissues, has analgesic effects in the motor system, and promotes muscular relaxation.

Laser therapy

In medicine, this method is used to suppress pain, to provide healing and anti-inflammatory effects; laser can also be used as a substitute for an acupuncture needle. It is also used in esthetic surgery.


„Warm your joints“

Pleasant warming of various body parts has positive effects on the motor system.

Heat therapy



Warm wraps and compresses are helpful in the treatment of the motor system; wax transfers heat (over 50°C) through the skin to the deeper layer of tissues and bones.

Peat (mid) packs

A thin coat of peat thoroughly heated to 42°C is filled in a permeable foil and applied onto various body parts to stimulate blood supply and suppress chronic pain.


„Weightlessness improves your health“

Spa sanatoriums provide modern as well as time-tested treatment methods. Some of them are derived from recent medical studies and observations. A therapeutic factor can be provided by a specific movement, oxygen, special additives or by temperatures falling far below the freezing point or by administering mineral water through a body orifice other than the mouth.



Therapeutic physical exercise
(individual or group

Exercise is always conducted by a trained physical therapist. It enhances your mobility and overall fitness. Once you master the exercises, you can practice them at home.

Water gymnastics

This therapy employs the nature pressure and resistance of water that make it gentle to joints. Water thus makes exercising feasible even for people with limited mobility.


This therapy takes 2 - 3 minutes. in a chamber whose interior tempt is about -160°C, it is effective against inflammations and pain, it improves the quality of sleep, immunity and sexual drive.

Gas injections
(pneumo puncture)

This version of acupuncture applies CO2under the skin, thus alleviating pain, supplying blood to the site of application, and promoting healing processes.

Oxygen therapy

This therapy consists of inhaling almost pure oxygen and sipping on a special antioxidant drink. It regenerates the body, has positive effects on the brain, heart, memory and psyche; improves sleep and prevents a number of diseases.


The inhalation of finely sprayed mineral water helps to fight allergies and respiratory diseases. Water can be added with additives (medicated substances, oils, salts).


Ultrasound generates waves with positive effects on tissues and their blood supply. It also facilitates tissue regeneration and is used to treat the motor system.


This therapy induces the feelings of weightlessness and takes place in a special vessel filled with the water from the Dead Sea it is eliminates tension and stress, and helps to treat aching joints, eczema and psoriasis.


Mineral water is used to wash out sediments from the large intestine; it prevent colon cancer and alleviates digestive problems.


Notable places

The tradition of Czech spas is an inseparable part of the European cultural heritage. Due to the high quality of their curative resources, they have won fame and recognition in Europe and found their place in the history of medicine and balneology. However, Czech spas do not only mean health cures, but also recreation, rest, and a refuge from everyday stress. All of this is combined with a pleasant environment, rich cultural life, sports and entertainment. In addition, you can combine your stay with a trip to any of the romantic chateau parks, medieval castles, churches or monasteries in the surroundings.

Active Relaxation in Carlsbad

The oldest 18-hole golf course in the country, golf hall with golf simulator, tennis courts, outdoor and roofed swimming pools, billiard, horse-riding, shooting-range, skateboard, karate, squash, sightseeing flights over the city. The golf course is located about 5 km away from the downtown in a very hilly countryside. Difficult terrain challenges players technical and physical dispositions. The golf course belongs to the oldest and most beautiful golf localities in the Czech Republic. The holes are surrounded by greenwoods and offer intimate playing enviroment. There are regular competitions taking place here such as the Czech Tour, Citroen Cup, Eurotel Bohemia Tour, Mercedes Cup and number of other attractive tournaments.

Leisure in Carlsbad

International Film Festival (since 1946), Mozart a Karlovy Vary – the music festival, Tourfilm – the international festival of films about tourism, Dvořákův Karlovarský podzim, International Jazz Festival, Singers´ Competition of Antonín Dvořák Museum, Town Theatre, cinemas, galleries, dancing cafes, discotheques.

VIP-visitors, Dates, History

The foundation and development of Carlsbad has always been inseparably connected with the soothing curative effect of its warm mineral springs. They marked the history, architecture, economy and the whole spirit of the city. The springs have fascinated people and have stimulated them since the oldest times. A story of the fantasy world is the popular story according to which Carlsbad springs were discovered by Charles IV, the Czech king and Roman Emperor, at a deer hunting in the middle of the 14th century. The foundation of the spa city at the confluence of the Ohře and Teplá Rivers in the reign of Charles IV is sure not to be such an accidental and romantic act as said in the old story, but almost a regular development result for a long-known place with a curative tradition.



Hotel Carlsbad Plaza *****

Carlsbad, Mariánskolázeňská 25

The Carlsbad Plaza is the first 5star spa & wellness hotel in Karlovy Vary, opened in December 2005. Hotel Carlsbad Plaza is located in the quiet ambience of the spa zone, in the vicinity of the spa facility Lázně I. (Spa I). Here, you will find everything what you expect from a deluxe and top class international hotel, including a swimming pool and conference facilities and equipment.

The reconstruction of the historical building from  the  late 18th century, which was known as  Rudolfshof  ( Rudolph’s  Court )  and  which,  since  the beginning of its existence, had  been  providing  services  to  travellers and  later  to  spa  guests,   among   others  also to the first Turkish President, Kemal Atatürk,  has  remodelled  this architectural  gem  into  its  modern  lay  out  on  the  inside, while fully preserving its outer historical appearance.

The nostalgic picturesque ambience of the ancient spa town with its typical atmosphere and “genius loci” of the old times may be found in the first Wellnessland in Karlovy Vary, in the Alt Karlsbad.

Rooms :
The hotel offers comfortable and luxurious accommodation in our 160 five star guest rooms of various size located in two connected houses. All rooms are furnished with the same type of furniture and all have nice marble bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with private bathroom, air-condition, minibar, SAT TV, direct-dial telephone and hair dryer. The main benefits of the rooms in the historical building are: flat plasma TV's, coffee/tea making facilities, bathtubs and bidets in the bathrooms and toilet separated from the bathroom.

     The rooms of the category Comfort are our smallest double rooms with minimal space of 24 m2.

     Rooms Comfort Plus have a balcony.

     The  rooms  of  the category Superior are larger double rooms with minimal space of 30 m2.

     Rooms Superior Plus have a balcony.

     The Queen rooms  have  a 160 cm wide  bed  and are used as single use only, they have the space of 21 m2.

     The rooms of the category Excellent are the smallest double rooms in the historical building with minimal space of 24 m2.

     The rooms Supreme are very large double rooms with minimal space of 37 m2.

     The rooms Business and Junior Suite are even larger with minimal space of 40 m2.

     The Carlsbad Suites have minimal space of 50 m2, living room, bedroom and bathroom with bathtub. Wellness suites have also a jacuzzi bathtub and private sauna.

     Splendid Suites have a toilet for visitors and large bathroom with bathtub and shower stall. Premier suites have living room and two bedrooms with two bathrooms.

     The hotel is offering also three most luxurious suites: two Exclusive Suites with space of 84 m2 with large living room including dinning table and kitchen and one Moser Crystal Suite with 123 m2 equipped as Exclusive Suite plus TV in the bathroom, private sauna and jacuzzi bathtub and maidroom with own bathroom. It is also possible to connect Suite Carlsbad + Exclusive (we call this Senator Suite) or Suite Moser Crystal + Luxury Supreme (we call it President Suite).

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza ***** 

Guest Rooms - Hotel Carlsbad Plaza *****

QUEEN - a room in the new building for single use, bed 160 cm wide , shower

COMFORT – double room in the new building , tub or shower

COMFORT PLUS – double room in the new building, balcony

SUPERIOR – a larger double room in the new building, tub

SUPERIOR PLUS – a larger double room in the new building, balcony

PRINCESS – room in the historical building for single use, bed 160 cm wide, shower

EXCELLENT – double room in the historical building, tub and separate toilet

SUPREME – a larger double room in the historical building, tub and separate toilet

BUSINESS - double room in the historical building, study recess, tub and separate toilet

JUNIOR SUITE – a single suite, living and sleeping area, tub and separate toilet

CARLSBAD SUITE – double room suite, a tub and separate toilet

SPLENDID SUITE – double room suite, visitor´ s toilet, separate walk-in wardrobe, bathroom with a double top vanity, bath and shower, separate toilet

WELLNESS SUITE – double room suite of the equipment same as in Splendid Suite, private sauna and whirlpool in addition

EXCLUSIVE SUITE - double room suite of the equipment same as in Splendid Suite, a large living room, dining table and private kitchenette included

MOSER CRYSTAL SUITE – the most luxurious suite, equipment same as in Exclusive Suite: TV in the bathroom, private sauna and whirlpool, a separate room with sanitary facilities for the maid

PREMIER SUITE – a suite with a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms (both of them with tubs)

PRESIDENTIAL SUITE – the largest and the finest suite available in Karlovy Vary. Same as Moser Crystal Suite plus a bedroom with a private bathroom in addition.


GRANDHOTEL PUPP*****deLuxe Karlovy Vary  

Carlsbad, Mírové Square 2                                                                             
111 luxuriously equipped rooms with minibar, safe, satellite TV with Pay-TV, radio, telephone, Wi-Fi, luxury bathroom and WC, some rooms are also equipped with air-conditioning.


PARKHOTEL PUPP**** First Class     Karlovy Vary
Carlsbad, Mírové Square 2                                                                             

117 comfort rooms with minibar, safe, satellite TV with Pay-TV system, radio, telephone, bathroom.  History  walked  through  every  room;   celebrities  used  them to stay for  shorter or longer periods. Have  a  look  at  the rooms in which the movie stars were staying such as Whoopi  Goldberg,  Gregory  Peck,  Alan Alda, Michael Douglas, or  Ornella  Muti. A countless number of political figures used the accommodation here,  too.



Hotel ELISKA***** Karlovy Vary

Carlsbad, Sadová 52

Hotel Eliska is located next to well known orthodox church in the most exclusive part of spa centre called Westend. If you find a quiet place with classical milieu and high level comfort, near to medical springs, hotel Eliska is the right choice for you. Hotel Eliska offers you top level accommodation in 26 rooms. * Beautiful view from all windows * Specialities from Czech, Russian and international cuisine, and also dietary cuisine in our hotel restaurant WESTEND [50 seats] equipped with fountain and aquarium * Bar ANTIQUE and exhibition of antique paintings there



Hotel KOLONÁDA**** Karlovy Vary

Carlsbad, I.P.Pavlova Street 8

In 1997, Hotel KOLONADA was converted from four neighbouring spa houses. It now serves both patients at the spas and other visitors to Karlovy Vary. This first class, excellently equipped hotel offers typical, but high standard services. The hotel has at its disposition two restaurants, balneological facilities, a sauna, a solarium, a cosmetic salon, a hairdresser’s, a swimming pool, among others. We hope that our services provide both domestic and foreign tourists with everything that they need so that they feel good in our town and want to come back.

The current capacity of the hotel is 162 rooms. Out of these as a novelty we are introducing four suites with a Jacuzzi, eleven managerial rooms, one presidential apartment and one so called ”children’s suite” which is designed for families with young children. We have designated non-smoking rooms, and a part of the restaurant is solely for non-smokers as part of the so-called ”Courtesy of Choice” program which sets to create good relations between smokers and non-smokers. Pets are permitted to stay at the hotel on the condition that they do not disturb or in any way vex other guests. All entrances to the hotel and interior spaces are suitable for wheelchair access.




Karlovy Vary, Stara Louka 40

The Hotel Palacký is situated in the center of spa guarter not far (120 m) off the Market Colonnade and the spring Vřídlo.

- Accommodation: 16 double rooms and 4 single rooms (bath,toilet,TV-SAT,hair dryer,
  radio alarm clock, refrigerator, telephone)
- Parking
- Restaurant
- House with lift



Karlovy Vary, Stara Louka 30

The Hotel Elefant is situated in the center of spa guarter not far (95 m) off the Market Colonnade and the spring Vřídlo.

- Accommodation: 17 double rooms and 1 single room (bath, toilet, hair dryer,
   radio alarm clock, refrigerator, telephone)
- Parking
- Café
- House with lift



Hotel Heluan is situated in the spa centre of Karlovy Vary. It is located next to new opened Castle Bad and near to Spring Colonade. It offers four stars level accommodation in luxury rooms.

child-minding services, copying service, currency exchange , executive floor, express check-out, fax services, fire warning, guide, hotel transport, interpreter, lift, pets allowed, safe, secretarial services, souvenir outlet, washing and ironing, WiFi




The Spa House  Purkyně offers

6 single rooms and

11 double  rooms and

5 apartments

with the view of Castle Tower on the Castle Hill ,and  of the baroque St Maria Magdalena  Church from the opposite side.

The rooms  have all facilities ( bathroom with hair-drier ,toilet, telephone, television,satellite, fridge and radio alarm-clock).



We provide the treatment in the house with real mineral water.


- basic enter consultation

- check consultation

- prescription of medicine

- prescription of springs

- underwater massage

- classical massage

- CO2 gas bath

- oxygenated bath in mineral water

- jacuzzi bath

- paraffine

- pneumoacupuncture

- gas injections

extra charge:

-reflexive massage





 Hotel Komsos provide one, two and three bed rooms. Provide also apartmans. All the rooms with bathroom, WC, TV and the fridge.




Short description of the facility:
Spa hotel Panorama is located in the very heart of the spa town Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad). On one side there is a beautiful view of the recently restored spa area of the town, one of the most picturesque places in the Czech Republic, on the other side fairy tale forests ideal for quiet afternoon walks. The hotel is ten minutes away from the main mineral spring as well as the main spa route with abundant shopping opportunities as well as little cafés with outside seating in the summer and hot delicious coffee in the winter. There is a also a theater within fifteen minute walk, mineral pool in the same distance, and several other cultural and health-related opportunities.
The Hotel:
         The building was built in 1829 and was completely renovated in 2001. The rooms are equipped by comfortable and stylish furniture. Many of them offer the widely renown view of the city as well as TV, satellite TV, minibar, a bathroom with a tub, a safety deposit box, and of course a phone line. Breakfasts buffet-style are included and the in-house restaurant will be happy to serve you at other times. 
        We offer full wellness program with rehabilitation exercises. We offer a car rental as well as rental of various sports equipment, for example golf and patanque, and will accommodate all your fitness and wellness wishes including bowling, site-seeing trips to several historical or natural sites in the area, and tickets to several social and cultural events.  
       The hotel is easy to reach by car and there is free parking in front of the hotel and garage parking is available for a fee.
hotels and vacations.




  • The Alžbětiny lázně spa facility was finished and first opened on June 18, 1906.
  • The spa is named for the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I.
  • The building is located in a park built in historizing French style.
  • The 25-meter swimming pool was built in 1974.
  • Overall reconstruction of the swimming pool was carried out in 2004, and the swimming pool complex, including a relaxing pool, whirlpool, sauna, steam booth, and children´s wading pool, was built at the same time.
  • Alžbětiny lázně is the biggest spa facility in the Czech Republic.

Natural curative resources are used for therapy - hot spring water and peat.

Alžbětiny lázně is the largest consumer of hot spring water under a single roof!




Carlsbad, Sadova Street 8

New - after reconstruction - March 2001

47 double-bed rooms,4 apartments, 2 rooms for the physically disabled

Modern bathrooms with shower or bathtub and facilities including hair-dryer. Telephone with direct dialing, TV-Sat-Radio set, Minibar and Room safe.

90 seats Breakfast: buffet bar, wide choice of salads for lunch and dinner. Diets according to physician's recommendation. Option to choose from variety of traditional meals of Czech and international cuisine.




This historical health resort within the most beautiful part of the Czech Republic lies in the charming valley of the river Teplá, where the river Ohre joins the river Teplá. The picturesque old town, with its gorgeous and rich buildings in gold, white and soft pastel shades along the riverside, nestles amongst gentle wooded hills. The prosperity of the town is due to 14 thermal springs, whose healing effect was known already in the middle ages.

Even nowadays, the soothing water is bottled and shipped to destinations all over the world. The character of the health resort is determined by the famous White Colonnades and by the strolling visitors relishing the hot bubbling water from china cups specially crafted in this region. Once you've been here, you will come back again.

Quite a number of famous 'repeat offenders' realized this and left their marks, which can be found throughout the town. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz, Johann Sebastian Bach, Emperor Karl VI., Czar Peter the Great, Johann Gottfried Herder, Friedrich Schiller, Karl Marx, Franz Liszt, Sigmund Freud, Theodor Fontane, Antonin Dvorak, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg, Morgan Freeman, Madeleine Albright and Michael Douglas are only a few.

A lot of those celebrities established a second home here, and their magnificent mansions can still be admired. As did Alexander von Humboldt, who build a splendid residence on a slope right next to the gentle murmuring Teplá river. The generously designed Villa in classical style was built in 1872 and carefully rebuilt and restored in 2006, preserving its historical charm, and turned into a luxurious 4 Star Superior Hotel – the Humboldt Park Hotel & Spa.

Every room has its individual and unique style. Following their historical model, the use of precious materials, such as heavy fabrics, fine woods and carpets unite to highest luxury. Every room is decorated with paintings and extravagant Trompe-l'oeil paintings. Several rooms have a balcony with a view over the Teplá river and the pictu-resque old town to the right hand side. All rooms are, of course, equipped with the highest technical standards, such as flat- screen TV's, wireless LAN and high-speed internet connections.

The town of Carlsbad lies only a few kilometres behind the German/ Czech border and can easily be reached by car. The local airport provides direct connections to and from Prague and Moscow. A hotel shuttle and luggage-service to the airport by the hotel, as well as a garage are available upon request.




A very convenient location in the spa district centre, opposite the Mill ("Mlýnská") Colonnade with healing springs. 28 single and 72 double bedrooms are available in five interconnected houses, which underwent extensive reconstruction and modernisation in 2001 - 2002

All the rooms within the sanatorium are furnished in a modern and comfortable style, including a TV (satellite), radio, telephone, and refrigerator, and have ensuite toilet & shower/bath.

The doctors´ and nurses´ offices are located and all the treatments (electrotherapy, classical, reflex, and underwater ...




Alternatively, the sanatorium provides accommodation in the Wolker house situated next to the Hot Spring (Vřídelní) and Market (Tržní) Colonnades with healing springs at a distance of ca. 200 m from the sanatorium complex. Also this house, listed among the preserved historical monuments and comprising 22 single bedrooms, 18 double bedrooms, and 4 apartments, has been renovated recently.
The medical treatment and food are provided at the main complex of the Spa Hotel Astoria.




Carlsbad, Sadova Street 5

Complex of buildings of spa hotel Kriváň provides accommodation in 61 single rooms, 103 double rooms and 9 apartments in the category STANDARD (***). Spa hotel Kriváň is devided according to historical buildings into 3 parts. All buildings are connected and form monolithic whole.

 All rooms are equipped with TV/sat with a wide offer of programmes in German, English, Russian and Arabic language. Telephone with a direct connection and the refrigerator are a part of equipment as well. Bath and shower cabinet, WC and hair drier are at the disposal of the guests. Safe is at the disposal in the reception of spa hotel.



Carlsbad, Sadova 35

Hotel Slovan has also been established by connection of some original houses. At present time it offers accommodation in 15 single rooms, 42 double rooms and 4 suites in category STANDARD (***).

 All rooms are well-appointed and equipped with TV/SAT with a wide choice of German, Englisch, Russian but also Arabian programmes. Rooms are equipped with direct dialling telephone and refrigerator. Bath or shower cabinet, WC and hair dryer are at the disposal of its guests. Safe is at the disposal at the reception of spa hotel Kriváň or in central safe at the receptio




Carlsbad, Zahradni street 9

Nowadays dependency Concordia is a complex of two original hotels, Columbus and Garfield. They were built at the turn of 19th and 20th century. 27 single, 31 double rooms and 1 suite offer accommodation in category STANDARD (***).

 All rooms are equipped with TV/SAT with a wide range of programmes in German, English, Russian, but also Arabic language. Telephone with a direct connection and the refrigerator are a part of equipment as well. Bath and WC are at the disposal of the guests. Safe is at the disposal in the reception of spa hotel Kriváň or in central safe in the reception of Concordia.




Carlsbad, Sadova Street 25

Nowadays dependency Columbus is a complex of two original hotels, Columbus and Garfield. They were built at the turn of 19th and 20th century. 12 single and 32 double rooms offer accommodation in category ECONOMY (**). 3 suites of category First Class were established in dependency.

 All rooms are equipped with TV/SAT with a wide range of programmes in German, English, Russian, but also Arabic language. Telephone with a direct connection and the refrigerator are a part of equipment as well. Bath and shower cabinet and WC are at the disposal of the guests. Safe is at the disposal in the reception of spa hotel Kriváň or in central safe in the reception of Columbus.




Carlsbad, Zámecký vrch 34

The Spa Hotel BRISTOL PALACE belongs to the complex Spa Bristol. Bristol Palace is one of the most prestigious houses built in the Classic Art Nouveau style in 1889 then reopened after renovation in 1996. It houses all treatment facilities, 47 single and double rooms, luxurious and presidential apartments. All spaces and facilities are connected with underground corridors. Luxury suites and rooms include SAT TV and PAY TV, direct phone, radio, safe, minibar, hair-dryer, allergy friendly rooms, some rooms with terrace or balcony and there is an unique view of Karlovy Vary.

Hotel services: restaurant, small Club salon, a café with live music, V.I.P. Moser lounge and exchange office. Indoor swimming pool with water.

SPA TREATMENT: Full range of Spa water treatments. Alternative therapies. Special programs: weight loss, antisclerotic and rejuvenating programs, department of plastic surgery, medical cosmetics and stomatology.




After a dog´s aged winter, the spring came to Carlsbad. And one more event waited for spa guests together with this longed spring. Even before Easter and the Spa Season opening ceremonies the Bristol Group opened the new spa facility – Georgy House. Even though Georgy House is the hotel built in the 3rd millennium, the architects suceeded to set its building very sensitively in the unique English park area. The new property - together with the swimming pool - borders the park edge and creates the new city panorama. The hotel is connected with another facilities and balneotherapies by the underground corridores. The first guests of this 46-bed facility checked-in on April 17th. Its rooms (1 suite, 2 single – and 21 double rooms) are furnished with the traditional historical furniture. Minibar, TV with LCD monitor and satelite and paid programs, phone, safe are another amenities. The bathroom has the spacious shower. The guests will certainly appreciate the view on the most picturesque part of Karlovy Vary and the sunbathing possibility on balconies or spacious terrace. Even the treatment facility and the bowling centre are situated in the Georgy House. Come to be pampered in Georgy House!





Villa Tereza was built in 1890. It hosted an empress, princesses and a duchess. A spacious building with 17 rooms provides a unique view of the colonnade and the spa centre in the Teplá River valley.

Balneology services
Water treatment, classical and underwater massages, spring water baths, moor packs, thermal rehabilitation swimming pool, colon therapy – intestinal cleaning procedure (clyster), hydro-jet

Hotel equipment
Laser centre, elevator

Bathroom, WC, TV, SAT, direct dial telephone, radio, mini-bar


Carlsbad, Sadova Street 44-46

The hotels offers its guests comfortable accommodation in three single rooms ,twenty-eight double rooms and six suites with luxury equipped: bathroom,WC, mini bar, TV,, telephone, radio, safe and hair dryer. Hotel Services is 24 hours duty in the Reception, currency exchange, pay TV, bussiness centre,room service, laundry, ironing and cleaning of clothes. There are up to date therapeutic centres equipped with the last technologies in the hotel. A great advantage of the spa hotel is the provision of complex spa and remedial services „all under one roof“. Both classic traditional and alternative way of treatment are used. At the beginning of the treatment stay the client will be invited for a medical check-in consultation to arrange schedule of treatment, laboratory analyses, drinking cure and further necessary medical consultations. During the treatment a control medical consultation is recommended to check up effect of treatment. Finally at the end of treatment the client will get a medical report to evaluate the effect of treatment. Within the programme of complex body and soul relaxation following treatments are available Wellness & Beauty program. The spa guests are offered besides the classical treatments also a 9,5 meter –long indole swimming pool with back-flow. In the menu of our stylish restaurant your can find dishes as well as specialities of international cuisine and Czech also.

  • WC
  • Shower
  • Telephone
  • SAT
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Hotel safe
  • Safe in the rooms
  • Reception 24h.
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Massage
  • Whirlpool
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel bar



Carlsbad, Nova louka Street 11

Hotel Dvorak is situated in the heart of Karlovy Vary, directly on Teplá River and close to the colonnades. In our hotel, with its year-round operation, you don’t have to miss the comforts of a four-star hotel during the spa treatment.

Rooms & Suites

The Hotel is open all year round and offers 126 modern rooms:

60 standard rooms 

48 comfort-rooms

15 apartments

3 rooms for disabled persons
All rooms are fitted with bathroom, direct-dial telephone, satellite TV, PAY-TV, radio, minibar, hair dryer, individually manageable air-conditioning, in-room safe, connection for computer or fax and internet accesspoint.

In-house Spa Treatment is an Extra Advantage

Karlovy Vary is world-famous for its beauties and eventful history and primarily for the unique hot mineral waters.
The Karlovy Vary drinking cure firstly improves the digestion. Nutrient intake and the supply of the body with vitamins and minerals are improved. The results the drinking cure produces in cases of stomach complaints, digestive disorders, diseases of kidneys, gall-bladder, pancreatic gland and intestines are also extremely favourable.

The metabolism is activated, which is essential, particularly for those suffering from diabetes, gout and excess weight.
The blood count is positively altered and the cholesterol level decreases. All the processes of excretion are enhanced as are the capacity of the body and its immunity system for self-purification.

All the treatments are provided directly in the hotel.
The house spa doctor and a well-trained team of masseurs and rehabilitation workers assist in devising a therapeutic and dietary programme jointly with the guests.
The spa treatment department is open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.




Carlsbad, Tržiště 43

Hotel Ester is located directly in the centre of the spa zone, opposite the newly opened Zámecké lázně (Castle Spa), just a few steps away from the Hot Spring Colonnade. Hotel Ester provides standard hotel and relaxation services at a 4star standard and takes great pride in its spacious guest rooms offering a marvellous view of the town.

  • Comfortable and above-standard 4star accommodation
  • 3 single rooms
  • 17 double rooms
  • 2 suites
  • 1 Senator Suite (with 2 bathrooms and toilets)
  • An enchanting view of the Castle Spa and the spa centre from most of the guest rooms
  • Telephone, satellite TV, a minibar, and a hair dryer in each guest room
  • Safe-deposit boxes at the reception
  • Restaurant with a terrace and a magnificent view of the town
  • Lounge
  • Complete spa treatment at Zámecké lázně (Castle Spa)
  • Special curative programmes
  • Sauna, whirlpool, massage shower, massages
  • Exchange office
  • Parking
  • VISA, EC/MC, American Express, JCB




Carlsbad, Libušina Street 18

The recently renovated and stylish neoclassical Spa Hotel Imperial**** offers the highest level of comfort to even the most demanding guests. Two restaurants (the Prague and the Paris) offer the best selections of international cuisines; a touch of a traditional and stylish ambience can be experienced in our Viennese café; our Presidential and Music meeting rooms are the perfect places for your social gatherings and business meetings.  Our other amenities include a concert hall, a beauty salon and an indoor pool. Our sports center and the Imperial Indoor Golf  facilities are located close by the hotel.Secure hotel parking is available for our guests. Our concierge services, in cooperation with the Pentalog Tour travel agency, are always ready to assist those guests who wish to explore the history of the city and its surrounding or partake of some of the local social and cultural events.



Popular because of its favourable location in the centre of Plzeň, this hotel offers attractive views of the town's historical square. The establishment provides accommodation in 22 single rooms, 49 double rooms and 5 comfortable suites. Guests can use the recently refurbished Eben Lounge with a capacity of up to 120 seats and a lounge with a splendid view of the Church of St Bartholomew.



Carlsbad, Moravska Street 1A


Situated in the heart of Karlovy Vary, the luxurious Hotel Ambiente gives its guests a choice of 40 comfortable, elegantly furnished rooms or suites with magnificent views of the spa colonnade.

Rooms & Apartments

Hotel Ambiente offers totally 40 well-designed rooms and apartments, equipped with a telephone, sat-tv, and a minibar.

Restaurant 'Ambiente'

Hotel Ambiente has own restaurant offers something for everyone, from Czech and international cuisine right through to individualised food that will suit even the strictest dietary requirements.



Carlsbad, Stezka Jeana de Carro 4-6

Our wellness hotel is located in the heart of Carlsbad, with one of the best panoramic views of the town available from anywhere in our luxurious building.

Unwind on our summer terrace while you enjoy the stunning landscape; in clear sight are the magnificent church of Maria Magdalene, the serene river and the popular spa colonnade which is situated opposite our hotel. All the comfortable rooms and suites allow exclusive vistas of the valley.

Housing an elegant and modern interior, our building’s grand design incorporates personal touches to make for a restful stay. The unique "rock" bar serves healthy drinks and provides an interesting atmosphere, making for a memorable holiday.

We offer a wide selection of wellness treatments, these therapies can be individually created according to your requirements. Our customer-orientated and professional staff will ensure that your stay with us is as relaxing or invigorating as you wish.

Rooms: 32



Hotel description

The spa hotel DOM PAVLOVA is located in the center of the spa zone, on the right bank of the Tepla River, a few minutes walk from the mineral springs. The first class hotel was built in 1870 and is one of the town's architectural and cultural monuments. In 1927 a great Russian scientist I.P. Pavlov rested in it and afterwards the hotel was named after him. For a long time in the Pavlov Hotel housed the Research Institute of Balneology. In 1996-1997 reconstruction was carried out on the hotel to convert it to its current form.

The spa hotel Pavlov offers 38 comfortable rooms of which there are: 4 suites, 4 single rooms, 8 double rooms with balcony, 22 double rooms. All rooms are completely equipped inclusive: direct dial telephone, TV (movies and satellite channels), radio, mini-bar, safe. There is a restaurant, garden restaurant, bar, currency exchange. Medical procedures offered: baths (mineral, carbonic acid gas, pearl, grass, whirlpool), water treatment, underwater massage, classic massage, partial and aromatic massage, electro- laser- magneto-therapy, gas injection, pneumopuncture, sauna with rehabilitation bath, mineral water inhalations, ECG, laboratory examinations, injections.
The hotel accepts not only adults but also children for treatment (accompanied by adults). The best effect is achieved after the treatment as long as 21-28 days, provided all the medical procedures and doctor's prescriptions are carried out. For the ailing persons in wheel-chairs a lift and specially equipped sanitary room is provided.



Křižíkova Street 13, Karlovy Vary

The sanatorium Mánes is located about 15 minutes walking from a Spa colonnade and it is surrounded by forests. It offers full Spa treatment for adults and children 2-18 y.o. in 6 buildings of different levels.

Hotel offers 3 types of rooms: LUX rooms: singles, doubles, 2 apartments - minibar in some rooms, STANDARD rooms: singles, doubles, triples and 4 rooms with facilities shared on the floor.

There are new bathrooms in standard rooms. There is TV and direct phone in each room. Some rooms have a balcony.

Hotel services: free safe available in reception, dining room, day bar with summer terrace, sauna, massages, fitness center and free car park.

SPA TREATMENT: massages, classic, reflex and underwater, mud packs, mineral water and carbon dioxide baths, healing hot springs cures.



The spa sanatorium Mignon is a newly reconstructed facility, located near the wood and at the same time not far from the open-air spa promenades. The facility is intended preferably for curative relaxing and fitness stays. There is own therapeutical centre, as a part of the hotel, where guests can undergo individual treatment under medical supervision. The hotel offers 8 suites and 6 double-bed rooms with furniture of style, with en suite bath and toilet, satellite TV, telephone, minibar, hairdryer and a safe. The establisment has its own cosy restaurant. Hotel parking available.



The Villa Ahlan is a part of the therapeutical facility Mignon II. This newly reconstructed establishment - cultural monument from 1897 - is previewed preferably for demanding clientele. The Villa Ahlan is suitable for private parties of max. 12 people, who look for maximum privacy and high-standard services. In the pleasant atmosphere of the hotel restaurant, the guests can enjoy a rich choice of health food and specialities of the Czech and international cuisine. The establishment offers lobby bar including home cinema, computer with Internet access, card players? lounge, sauna, swimming pool and a relaxation centre.






Welcome to the new spa hotel Olympia, located in the heart of the well known spa resort in Karlovy Vary, witch is famous for its hot natural mineral springs.

The hotel building ranks among unique noteworthy houses built at the beginning of the 20th century. In 2002 the house was totally refurbished and renovated  preserving traditional architecture of the  „Art nouveau Style“ but ensuring maximum comfort and design for it s guests.



Basic Information and Services:

  • Handicap Access
  • Safety box
  • Cosmetic Salon
  • Manicure
  • Hygienic Needs - Retail
  • Lift
  • Hairdresser
  • Sauna
  • Pedicure
  • Medical Services
  • Non-smoking Rooms
  • Barber
  • Solarium
  • Exchange

Room Equipment:

  • Bathtub
  • TV
  • SAT TV
  • Toilet in Room
  • VCR available 50
  • Phone
  • Radio


  • Refrigerator
  • Crib Available


Personnel Speaks:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian



  • National
  • Diabetic
  • Vegetarian


  • Restaurant 1 Opening Hours 08:00 - 22:00 , Capacity 254
  • Day Bar Opening Hours 09:00 , Capacity 15
  • Coffee Shop Opening Hours 12:00 , Capacity 105


  • Fitness Club
  • Golf 3000 m, -hole course: 18
  • Biking
  • Indoor Pool, Size 17 x 10
  • Tennis Hall 1000 m
  • Golf Putting Green 1000 m
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Tennis Courts 1000 m
  • Squash 1500 m
  • Outdoor Pool 2000 m, Size 25 x 50

Center Accessibility:

  • Municipal Transportation Stop 100 m
  • Train Station 5000 m
  • Bus Station 4000 m
  • Airport 12000 m
  • Center 3000 m

Extra Services:

  • Flight Reservation
  • Guide
  • Carriage Rides
  • Sightseeing Flights
  • Organization of Cultural and Sports Events
  • Taxi
  • Information
  • Paid Shuttle
  • Bicycle Storage Room

Credit Cards Accepted:

  • American Express
  • Dinners Club
  • EuroCard/MasterCard
  • VISA
  • CS




Along with the Mercedes Balneocenter, the Sanssouci **** and Swiss Court *** spa hotels represent a unique complex located on the southeastern part of the Karlovy Vary spa zone, overlooking the valley of the Tepla River. The hotels offer a combination of food and spa services at the highest quality levels and of the highest standards. To provide an extra comfort (especially in inclement or snowy weather) and enable our guests to more effectively use their precious time with us, the individual buildings of the complex are connected with an underground system of pedestrian ways. Each of the buildings has its own direct supply of the local mineral water. There is a convenient bus connection to the downtown colonnade zone, with bus stops located right in front of the hotels. The services available at the hotels include a currency exchange, hair stylist, etc. along with other sports, relaxation and entertainment amenities available to the guests at the nearby Imperial Spa Hotel.Guests who are driving are welcome to use the hotel parking garage.

  • WC
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Fridge
  • Telephone
  • SAT
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Safe in the rooms
  • Garage
  • Guarded parking
  • Reception 24h.
  • Balcony/Terrace
  • Lift
  • Bureau de change
  • Sauna
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Whirlpool
  • Wellness
  • Solarium
  • Hairdresser
  • Live music
  • Restaurant
  • Diet cuisine
  • Hotel bar
  • Conference room
  • City-bus stop



Hotel Ostende is a newly refurbished hotel situated on the bank of the Tepla River in the inner spa area Karlovy Vary. The aim of the expensive refurbishment was to highlight the quiet, family atmosphere of the hotel. There are a total of 6 suites with kitchenettes and 12 double and 2 single rooms furnished with distinguished style and taste. Telephone, minibar, hairdryer, satellite TV set, pay television, and other appliances are a matter of course. In addition to accommodation, the hotel offers a stylish restaurant with international cuisine (cca 35 seats), a cozy bar located in the grassed behind the hotel in an annex of appealing architectural design , billiards club and an opportunity for sitting on an outside terrace. Spa treatment: in-house spa department, massages, sauna, whirlpool.



Carlsbad, Slovenska Street 3

With a history of more than 160 years, Parkhotel Richmond has a lot to be proud of. Located in a lovely area, the spa hotel complex has the capacity of 85 rooms, each is equipped with a satellite-TV, telephone, minibar and safe. Furthermore, Hotel Richmond's pride and joy is the banqueting hall built in the classicist style for up to 250 people. The Spa Hotel Richmond specialises in treatment of obesity, diabetes mellitus arteriosclerosis, gastroentrerologic diseases, [diseases of stomach, liver gall bladder, pancreas and intestines], locomotor system diseases [spinal column and joints]. This comprehensive spa treatment in Karlovy Vary has been based on a tradition more than 600 years old.



Carlsbad, Stará Louka 335/48

The hotel has 21 comfortably furnished rooms at its disposal, including apartments. Each room is equipped with a spacious and modernly equipped bathroom, minibar, safe, colour television with satellite, telephones with direct-dialling to the whole world and other furnishings which fully correspond to a four-star hotel.

Room type:          

Single room
Double room
Studio de Luxe
Room for 4 person
Presidential apartment







Pension Romania is situated on the border of business and cure zone. Arrival to the pension with car or bus is possible, parking lots opposite the cure sanatorium Thermal. Pension offers accommodation for its guests in 20 double bed rooms, 5 single rooms and 4 three-bed rooms. All rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, telephone, safe deposit and own social facility (bath and WC). Price of the accommodation including breakfast. There is no restaurant in our pension. In the proximity you can visit a lot of restaurants and not far (200m) health resort V., which ensures all cure procedures.



Hotel complex «Hotel PETR» is disposed at the centre of historical and resort parts Karlovy Vary - one of the most popular resorts the world. The resort is found in Western Bohemia, in 130 kms from Prague and 60 kms from border with Germany. This unique place by centuries keeps the attractiveness not only due to curative mineral to water, but also and most beautiful nature and to magnificent architecture of XIX centuries of numerous sanatoriums and hotels, entered in local landscape. The main streets of city kepeat bends of the river Tepla (Heat). Water in the river on significant it extent it is valid warm because of hot sources. Opposite to Mill Colonade with its famous sources on a right coast of the river also settles down hotel complex «Hotel PETR». The complex consists of three buildings, Connected among themselves glass Atrium. The monument enters into a composition of a complex architecture - «House PETR», completely Repaired on the drawings of 1706. Under the legend, just in this house was and Saws beer Петр I, which has opened for the Russians tradition of resort treatment in Karlovy Vary . On a facade of a house is established Memorial board announcing that Russian King in 1711 helped the masons in Construction before, found, Opposite to houses « At Pava ». A building «New PETR» is entered in Operation after complete Reconstruction in the summer of 2004 and a building «MODERN» have constructed in middle of the 90-th years of last Centuries under the draft of known modern The architect Kubichek. In Hotel practically there is no room, similar one on another. We offer Placing in unusual on design also to registration numbers, in which are combined modern and classics, Modernity and secrets of epoch Petr I. Our visitors can estimate ironic imagination of the display arranger also to get acquainted with traditional for this parts of Europe by elements of architecture. To services of the visitors 19 double rooms - apartments and numbers-lux. From the greater part numbers the magnificent kind on opens Mill Colonada and river Tepla. The visitors, which are involved with a solitude, we can place in numbers, which window leave on silent a street. From numbers in a tower buildings «MODERN» it is possible to admire by panoramic kind Karlovy Vary. In All numbers of hotel: bathroom, souls, fen, colour TV set, telephone, minibar, the safe. In some numbers are available hydromassage baths, steam and infra-red cabins, sauna. For the smallest visitors we have prepared children's furniture, toys, sets for drawing. Also our hotel Offers unique children's the entertaining programs and excursions. Our cooks prepare dishes from the specially developed children's menu. In Hotel there are three restaurants, where our having a rest in dinner or for supper can try Unforgettable dishes of European, Russian and Czech kitchens.



We are happy to present to you a new fashionable aparthotel "SALVE", which opened its doors in 2003 for guests with high-level service expectations.

Our aparthotel is located in the historical center of Karlovy Vary, on the river Tepla, 500 yards from the thermal springs. The scenic views on the river Tepla and on the architectural ensemble of Grand-Hotel "Pupp" harmoniously compliment the comfortable atmosphere of aparthotel "SALVE".

In 1881, the building of the aparthotel housed Heinrich Schliemann - an outstanding archaeologist, who unearthed the ancient city of Troy, revealing a millennium of the Greek history (or, actually, of the history of the mankind).

Aparthotel "SALVE" - outside and insideSchliemann is often compared to Columbus and called a patriarch of modern archaeology. Without Schliemann's faith and perseverance, the science of archaeology would not leave the age of infancy. A memorial plaque for Heinrich Schliemann can be found on the facade of the hotel. The hotel offers all modern amenities in the warm atmosphere of the 19th century.We offer ten classical-style

apartments measuring 81 to 156 square meters, and featuring varying and unique Aparthotel "SALVE" - outside and inside interior design. Each apartment has a spacious foyer, living room, bedroom(s), study, full kitchen, bathrooms with Jacuzzi-style tubs and massage shower cabins, cable TV, telephone, and safe.

The ground floor of aparthotel "SALVE" features a common area, where you can enjoy breakfast and dinner, relax, read, talk with your friends while sipping coffee or famous Czech beers, play billiard, and watch your favorite movies in the home-theater setting. The common area was designed and built to accommodate business meetings, negotiations, formal and  informal parties, and musical evenings.

Aparthotel "SALVE" - outside and insideThe heated wave pool and the sauna finished with Nicaraguan pine - also located on the ground floor - are opened to our guests at any time.

The health center and gym are located on the second floor of the aparthotel.

Along with the lodging, we offer various services: Aparthotel "SALVE" - outside and inside

  • available diet breakfast or dinner;
  • room service for breakfast and dinner;
  • personal medical consultation with recommendations for water treatment and procedures;
  • gym;
  • sauna and swimming pool;
  • cosmetics;
  • manicure and pedicure.

Aparthotel "Salve" also provides other additional services:
Aparthotel "SALVE" - outside and inside

  • transfers;
  • car rental;
  • translator's services;
  • wide spectrum of private and group tours;
  • one- and two-day trips to Germany and Austria (with Schengen/Euro visa);
  • hunting;
  • fishing;
  • horseback rides, etc.



Carlsbad, Stará louka Street 36

The EuroAgentur Hotel Jessenius is a traditional riverside building located on the main promenade in Karlovy Vary, 200 metres from the spa colonnade. The 31 guestrooms have light simple décor with white walls and dark wood furniture. All have private bathrooms and amenities include satellite television, direct dial telephones and refrigerators.

The hotel has an indoor, heated spa pool and offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments and massages on site. Traditional Czech and international dishes are served throughout the day in the hotel restaurant, and there is street terrace where guests can enjoy drinks, snacks and cakes and watch the world go by. Multilingual staff on the 24 hour front desk can exchange currency and offer advice on the surrounding area. Visitors to Karlovy Vary can stroll along the river, and visit the famous colonnades and take in the spa waters. Further afield, the historic city of Prague is just 120 kilometres away and Prague (PRG) is 130 kilometres, around two hours drive by car.



Carlsbad, Krale Jiriho Street 7

Hotel is situated in a colourful surrounding of Karlovy Vary, in the middle of health - resort forest, in the immediate neigbourhood of russian church. Tourists and guests from the whole world are healed and regenerated here.

Bath treatment is aimed on illnesses from the disorders, gastroenterologic diseases and regenerative cures. The cure takes place in the own balneology. The bath robe for bath treatment there are free of charge.

Boarding is ensured in the hotel restaurant, which is under controll of dietary sister.

There are 47 rooms - 3 single rooms, 37 double rooms, 7 apartments. For the hotel guests the parking places are available

Program "with medical examination" is valid only for a stay of minimum 7 nights. In the price there is included: enter, control and final medical examination, laboratory examination, from Monday to Saturday (except Sunday and holidays) 2-3 medical procedures per day based on a medical prescription, drinking cure.




The four-strars Spa hotel ULRIKA has currently 110 beds in 7 apartaments, 41 double rooms categorized as "Standard", "Balcony" and "Luxe", 8 single rooms and a luxury presidential suite with three rooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. 

The hotel is located in the heart of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), near the commercial centre and the spa area with walking promenade and mineral springs. Hotel is situated approx 12 km from Karlovy Vary Airport, from Prague - Ruzyně Airport approx 120 km.




The three-stars Depandance Villa Lauretta, located approx 50m from the hotel Ulrika is a family-hotel with the capacity of 36 beds. Presidential floor Luxury presidential floor contains four rooms, two bathrooms and is furnished for absolute comfort.






The Zámecké lázně (Castle Spa) is located in the heart of the Carlsbad spa zone, in the vicinity of the Market and the Hot Spring Colonnade. Zámecké lázně (the Castle Bath) is one of the most beautiful spa centres in Europe and to its guests, it provides a wide range of curative and relaxation programmes.

The first project of a balneologic facility designed in the style of architectonic modernism was effected in Karlovy Vary on the threshold of World War I, i.e. at the peak of bloom of the development and the “Golden Age” of the town. The building of a unique complex of the Castle Colonnades commenced in the very heart of the spa zone, where the most precious Carlsbad springs rise from the ground. One of the fundamental ideas of the new structure was to connect the colonnade leading around the Upper Castle Spring with the Market Colonnade, and thereby, to build a worthy abode for the ruler of all Carlsbad springs, which has been safeguarding all the natural curative resources for next generations at this site from of old.

In 1909, architect B. Ohmann was successful in an large-scale competition and the Castle Colonnade was built in the course of years 1911 - 1913 according to his project. It was preserved unchanged until the beginning of a radical reconstruction and conversion into the Castle Spa in 2000. In this case as well, B. Ohmann proved his mastery in applying a ingenious combination of various architectonic styles, when leaving a charming roundel in the upper part of the structure inspired by antique architecture. As a symbol of balneology, this roundel remains as one of the beautiful and characteristic features of traditional craftsman ship in Karlovy Vary to the present day.

While preserving all the essential architectonic elements, a radical reconstruction of all the premises of the Castle Colonnade was executed in 2000 and 2001, generously converting the structure into a comprehensive curative facility called the Castle Spa. The fundamental credo of the Castle Spa is returning to traditional Carlsbad spa treatment. Providing comfort, atmosphere, and individual care – all that the visitors of the spa in Karlovy Vary had been used to in the era of the “Golden Age”. Everyone can find this (as well as something extra) in a more than abundant extent in Karlovy Vary, especially owing to the Castle Spa.

The features that distinguish Castle Spa from any other similar facility particularly are:

  • Return to the well-established tradition of Carlsbad spa treatment in a central balneologic facility Carlsbad, as it truly is the only place, where clients are provided with comprehensive care, including the maximum exploitation of the original Carlsbad curative thermal mineral water
  • The Castle Spa uses its own two springs – the Upper and Lower Castle Spring
  • The most precious gem of the Castle Spa is its pool with thermal mineral water, the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic
  • Individual client approach
  • State-of-the art technology for treatment
  • An absolutely matchless ambience achieved owing to the combination of extensive natural rocky surfaces and architectonic modernism of the early 20th century
  • Relaxation in the curative pool is available to every visitor as an extra procedure free of charge
  • Every client completes his or her daily dose of prescribed procedures during a single two-hour session
  • The Spirit of the Springs oversees provided treatment
  • And one more additional surprise...







Rezidence Vřídelní Karlovy Vary ****. Rezidence Vřídelní Karlovy Vary **** is located in the spa area overlooking the famous Mill Colonnade. Hotel Rezidence Vřídelní Karlovy Vary **** is an ideal place for a long-term stay in Karlovy Vary. Though situated right in the Colonnade area, it is quiet and safe. In the aparthotel there are 6 Management suites (68 m2) composed from bedrroms, private bathroom with toilet, and fully equiped kitchen. There is also a balcony. Reception is situated at Moravska street in Buena Vista and breakfast is possible at hotel Ambiente (both locations are close to the aparthotel). Parking is possible either at Buena Vista or by Ambiente. It is also possible to rent a car or a bike on the reception desk, to have a secretarial service, non-smoking apartments and much more on request. The hotel staff is very helpful!



Spa Hotel Thermal ***

Carlsbad, I. P. Pavlova Street 11, Karlovy Vary

The Spa Hotel Thermal is situated in the spa center of the town, in the beautiful setting of the Dvořák parks, 5 min. away from the healing springs and colonnades.

The hotel offers 91 single rooms, 169 double rooms and 13 suites. All rooms are equipped with bathroom/WC, radio, SAT TV, fridge, phone and safe.

Hotel services: medical department, dietary dining halls for spa guests, restaurant, café, dance club, congress and festival center, fitness center, 50 m open air thermal swimming pool (50 x 17 m), sauna, solarium, garage and parking (280 places), hairdresser, pedicure, manicure, boutique, internet and exchange.

The classical Karlovy Vary spa treatment is being provided at the Spa Hotel Thermal: medical examinations and laboratory screening, drinking cure, reflex massages, classical massages, complete electrotherapy, pneumopuncture, gymnastics, inhalations, baths and balneotherapy, mud and peat packs, lymphodrainage, swimming in the thermal pool (from supplementary procedures - manual lymphodrainage, foot reflex massage).

Baths, mud and peat packs are provided in Spa V Facility - 5 min. walking distance from the hotel.



Hotel Savoy Westend Hotel *****

Carlsbad, Petra Velikeho street 16

The hotel is located in the old prestigious residential quarter of Carlsbad. It is surrounded by beautiful forests.

It was built in 1897 and many well known people enjoyed their stay at this hotel (e.g. our first president T.G. Masaryk,  Mussafer Eddin - the Shah of Iran and many other.

The newly reconstructed hotel has maintained many original architectural features and it offers high quality of services.

The luxury resort consists of five villas directly connected with the spa centre Afrodite.

Savoy Westend hotel offers 122 air-conditionened, luxury designed rooms and apartments in categories:

- Apartment - 6 rooms

- Junior suite - 1 room

- Superior Plus - 32 rooms

- Superior - 48 rooms

- Comfort - 17 rooms

- Standard - 18 rooms

All guests rooms are equipped with king-size beds (twins are also available), non-smoking rooms, electronic locks, individually adjusted climate control, direct dial telephone, internet access, TV SAT with premium cable, minibar, hair dryer, ironing board, bath robe and slippers.

Hotel services: 24 hours room service, 24 hours butler service, underground and outdoor parking, business centre, transport for hotel guests, giftshop, newspaper, conference rooms, laundry/dry/cleaning, shoe cleaning, concierge, restaurants, conference services.

Savoy Royal restaurant with large offer of Czech and International Cuisine, Restaurant Savoy, Kings Club lobby with large offer of coffe and tea, cigars, small refreshment, Sport Bar with rich offer of drinks and cocktails, small refreshment.

Sport facilities in hotel area:  bowling centre - 4 lanes,  billiards - russian and european style, large-screen TV SAT, chess, darts, swimming pool with whirlpools and massaging waterfalls, sauna, steam bath, fitness.

Sport facilities available near the hotel: gold, tennis, horse riding, bycicles, fishing.

The Spa Treatment is arrange in Spa Centre Afrodite using local natural resources to improve overall healt condition. These natural resources include the local thermal mineral water and hot spring gases.



Hotel DERBY ****

Bulharska 15

CZ-36001 Carlsbad

is located in the vicinity of the Elisabeth Spa and the spa park.

It provides its guests with comfortable accommodation in the elegantly and stylishly fitted rooms and apartments equipped with TV/SAT, direct-dial telephone, access to the Internet, refrigerator and safety deposit box.

The apartments are suitable especially for long stays including the spa treatment.

Based on the medical examination the Elisabeth Spa provides classical treatment – such as baths, massages, mud baths, electrotherapy and the thermal water swimming pool.

Apart from this spa treatment, Elisabeth Spa offers aromatherapy, lymph drainage, pneumoacupuncture and special slimming, rejuvenating and beauty programmes.

Buffet breakfast offers a large choice of hot and cold meals. Half board and full board can be arranged in the neighbouring restaurant.

In-house sauna and whirlpool can also serve for relaxation of the hotel guests.

Parking in front of the hotel or in the close underground garage.