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The town of Mariánské Lázně is situated in a picturesque valley in the midst of beautiful nature. Clean air, spa woods, magnificent architecture, rich cultural, sport and social life create a unique atmosphere of this much sought after spa town.

A traditional spa cure in Mariánské Lázně is based on a genial effect of natural medicinal sources – mineral springs, peat, natural gas CO2 and excellent climatic conditions.

A spa stay in Mariánské Lázně is suitable for curing of a wide range of illnesses – locomotive system disorders, kidney and urinary tract disorders, respiratory, gynaecologic, metabolic and oncological disorders. Here you can find indications and counter-indications of spa cures.

Mariánské Lázně is the second largest Czech spa, which is very rich in mineral springs. There are forty springs within the area and one hundred in the immediate vicinity. The land consisting of today's spa belonged to the Premonstrate Monastery of Teplá, whose abbot K. K. Reitenberger launched the construction of the original baths early in the 19th century, as envisioned by the monastery doctor J. J Nehr. According to the grandiose designs of the architect V. Skalník, terrain transformations were carried out, and parks were created. Today these, together with the numerous springs, represent the essential features of the town. In 1866, Mariánské Lázně was declared a city and by the beginning of the 20th century ranked among the most important spa centers in Europe.

The pseudo-Baroque cast-iron Colonnade from 1889 is the main promenade of the spa and an important architectural monument. The water from the Cross, Caroline's and Rudolph's Springs is piped to the Colonnade for the drinking cures. The Singing Fountain, located in front of the Colonnade, also captures the attention of visitors. The Ferdinand's, Forest and Ambrose's Springs are among the best known springs in Mariánské Lázně.

The spa pavilions were mostly built in the classicist and neo-Renaissance style, while most of the buildings in the spa district of the town bear the imprints of the Art Nouveau style. The Church of the Assumption rises next to the Colonnade. The Russian Church of St. Vladimir and the Anglican Church are located behind the Main Avenue, in the western part of the town.

Curiosity: The Singing Fountain in front of the main colonnade performs every odd hour to the accompaniment of music, and at 9 and 10 p.m. with a light show.


The range of diseases treated in Mariánské Lázně, unlike other spas, is very wide thanks to the diverse chemical composition of the mineral springs.

Diseases treated in Mariánské Lázně:

    • kidney and urinary tract diseases,
    • nerve disorders, organic nerve diseases,
    • disorders of the digestive system,
    • metabolic diseases and disorders of the endocrine system,
    • diseases of the respiratory tract,
    • skin diseases,
    • diseases of the locomotive system.

Spa Procedures

Drinking Cures
The amount of mineral water prescribed per patient varies according to the diagnoses and the patient's health condition, usually about 750 ml daily in several doses. Patients suffering from bladder stones and chronic inflammations of the urinary tract are advised to increase their water intake - which is also an important prevention factor - and to bring this habit home with them. Nevertheless, only a small amount of acidulous water from Mariánské Lázně is drunk or bottled; the greater part of it is used for the carbon dioxide baths.
Carbon Dioxide Baths
Special bathtubs are used for the carbon dioxide baths since the minerals cause considerable corrosion. The approximate temperature of the water is 32 – 36 °C. Carbon dioxide is absorbed through the skin and dilates the blood vessels, which has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system and reduces peripheral vascular resistance. The carbon dioxide baths are prescribed to treat kidney diseases, vegetative dystonia, cardiovascular diseases and others. The baths have a favorable effect on the body and blood circulation. They thus form an integral part of the hydrotherapy applied in Mariánské Lázně.

Gas Baths
The carbon dioxide from Mary's Spring is used for the gas baths. This gas consists of CO2 (99 %), inert gases and H2S. When taking a gas bath, the patient is immersed in the spring gas, which is then absorbed through the skin. Unlike in classical baths, the patient is not exposed to hydrostatic pressure.

Gas Injections
CO2 gas injections (also called insulfations) are used to treat, among other things, various types of skin diseases. Gas injections began to be regularly applied in Mariánské Lázně after the Second World War.

Peat and Mud Baths and Packs
Peat and mud are traditional natural medical resources. After being warmed up, the natural peat or mud is applied in the form of a pack or wrap. The peat used to be collected directly from Mary's Spring.


Hotel ESPLANADE ***** Mariánské Lázne

The Esplanade Hotel, built in 1911 by the outstanding architect, Arnold Heymann, has always been the most luxurious hotel in Marianske Lazne. This Titanic among hotels fortunately has never wrecked and lived through a number of successful seasons serving princes and bankers, Indian princesses and maharajas. 110 luxury rooms, including 30 suites and two mezzonette Royal and Esplanade suites. All rooms have a direct-dial telephone and voice-mail, fax, internet access, safe-deposit box, minibar and a 200-channel satellite TV. The marble bathrooms are equipped with hydromassaging bath and separate showers, hairdryer, telephone and beauty mirror. services: Garages, a guarded car park, a car wash, room service, a laundry, a beauty salon, secretarial services, baby-sitting


Hotel BOHEMIA**** Mariánské Lázne

In 2000 the Bohemia Hotel underwent an overall reconstruction and modernization (new room equipment including new bathrooms). A new Bohemia Café has been opened offering a wide variety of desserts and various brands of coffee. In June 2001 the repair of the frontage of the hotel was finished. The hotel is located in the central part of Hlavní tøída (the Main Street), 300 m far from the colonnade, "Singing Fountain" and the centre of spa life. Rooms with separate shower and lavatory are equipped with satellite TV-sets, telephones, safes and mini drinks cabinet.



Marienbad, Reitenbergerova 53

The spa hotel Nové Lázně with its rich history belongs among the biggest and architectonically the most precious hotels in Mariánské Lázně. It has been providing its services since 1896 and amongst regular visitors past and present to this hotel was for example Edward VII, the king of English, who really favoured Nové Lázně.

Nové Lázně provides luxurious accommodation in rooms of the category Superior Plus and Superior and you can also find here various choices of Czech as well as international cuisine. Directly in the spa hotel there are medical surgeries and medical department, where medical procedures using natural medicinal sources are provided and water treatment is provided in the Roman style baths complex. Among the exclusive choices belongs mineral bath in the Royal cabin, which was used by King Edward VII during his visits.

If you like a genuine spa atmosphere and would you like to experience the spa traditions with a high comfort of services, you will be more than satisfied in Nové Lázně.



Marienbad, Goethovo Square 7

The spa hotel Hvězda - Skalník is located in a quiet spa quarter near the colonnade and parks. It is an ideal place for all spa activities. The architectonically unique buildings Hvězda and Skalník are nowadays connected and they offer a real spa atmosphere combined with the comfort of an international hotel. The hotel Hvězda - Skalník offers luxurious accommodation in rooms with modern equipment, in categories Superior Plus and Superior. Within the hotel you can visit the stylish restaurant Franz-Joseph with an abundance of Czech and international cuisine including dietary meals. Within the complex of buildings there is also an atrium, where numerous concerts, operetta evenings and exhibitions take place.

You can make use of modern medical procedures, consultations with specialists and wellness and beauty programs in the medical complex Oasis.

We have prepared

From August 2007, guests' will have at their disposal, a new aqua centre with a swimming pool, whirlpool, salt cave and a fitness centre.

If you would like to experience a unique spa atmosphere, visit the spa hotel Hvězda - Skalník.



Mariensbad, Goethovo Square 1

The spa hotel Centrální Lázně is one of the oldest buildings in Mariánské Lázně. It is located near Mary’s spring, the spa colonnade and Ambrose’s spring pavilion. The speciality of the hotel is traditional spa cure using local natural medicinal sources.

You will be accommodated in rooms of the categories Superior, Comfort a Standard. In addition you could stay the comfort accommodation in the garni hotel Neapol, which is situated only 150 m from Centrální Lázně. You can chose from the abundant choice of meals from Czech and international cuisine as well as dietary meals in the restaurants Goethe and Ulrika.

Within the range of spa cures, we offer traditional spa programs using natural medicinal sources and water treatment. The speciality of this spa hotel is the newly reconstructed original cubicles for mineral baths with original historical tilling.

In the spa hotel Centrální Lázně, a complete reconstruction of the rooms, the spa department, the restaurants and the cafe will be carried out from 29. 11. 2005 until 26. 4. 2006. Guests of Centrální Lázně, a unique historical spa building from 1892, can look forward to the original cabins for mineral baths and an extended spa department, where procedures from natural sources - mineral springs, peat and unique natural gas (99,7% CO2) will be provided. In the hotel, 108 new and comfortably equipped rooms including 9 suites of rooms of the size of 3 rooms, will be at guests' disposal. The restaurants with new air conditioning, will offer Czech and international cuisine and the services of a four star hotel.



Mariensbad, Mirove Square 84

The Grandhotel Pacifik is a dominant of the Main Street with a view to the centre of the spa quarter and the colonnade with the Singing Fountain. This newly reconstructed hotel offers extremely comfortable accommodation in 95 rooms of the category Superior and Comfort.

You can choose from the abundant choice of meals of Czech and international cuisine as well as dietary meals in the restaurant Sonata and Club Restaurant.

Directly within the Grandhotel Pacifik can be found spa complex where there is a choice of spa procedures including mineral baths. Besides the spa procedures you can also make use of a wide range of wellness and beauty programs. A new addition for the spa guests is wellness centre with a swimming pool with massage jets, whirling currents, tropical shower, sauna, sanarium and Kneipp's therapy.

Visit the Grandhotel Pacifik with its unique atmosphere and fascinating view at the town’s spa centre.



The spa hotel Labe has an advantageous location in close proximity to the colonnade and the Singing Fountain, it belongs amongst the most favourite hotels in the spa centre of Mariánské Lázně.

You will find rooms of the category Comfort in the hotel Labe and rooms of the category Standard in the annexe Ulrika.

You can appreciate the large choice of Czech and international meals as well as a wide range of dietary meals in the restaurant Kolonada.

The hotel also offers some medical procedures, especially dry gas baths CO2, dry CO2 gas application, paraffin wraps, inhalations, massages, ultrasound, electrotherapy and cryo-therapy.



The spa hotel Vltava - Berounka is situated on the edge of an English style park, near the spa centre and the colonnade, it offers to its guests beautiful panoramic views of the spa town Mariánské Lázně.

You can stay in modern rooms of categories Superior, Comfort and Standard, or you can make of use the annexe Vítkov circa 150 m away from the hotel Vltava - Berounka, which offers accommodation in rooms of a category Standard.

You may choose from the abundant choice of Czech and international cuisine or from a wide range of dietary meals in the restaurant.

The hotel also offers a complete medical program with number of spa procedures aimed especially at locomotive system disorders.
For whole body relaxation, we offer a pool with turbulent currents, whirlpool and also complete wellness programs.



Mariensbad, Lesni Street 345

The spa hotel ROYAL in Marianske Lazne opened at the beginning of May a new building - a new royal wing. There are some 22 new rooms with a beautiful view to the city Marianske Lazne just ready for you.

Every year there come about 3000 spa guests to the hotel Royal. Become also one of the happy clients, which come to our hotel regularly to relax, forget their day-to-day worries and gain a lot of energy. Let us spoil you by the team of our spa-specialists. No matter if you choose a complex cure, relax or wellness stay, you will be provided with a "royal care".




The Grand Spa Hotel represents a new interpretation of the timehonoured tradition of spa and healthcare treatments offered at Marianske Lazne (Marienbad). The resort, where such famous names as Goethe, Johann Strauss, Mark Twain, Chopin, Alfred Nobel, Henrik Ibsen and Sigmund Freud all took the waters, still offers the finest in healthcare facilities. The beautifully designed wellness and healthcare centre covers 2,500 m² An exclusive haven of wellbeing in a truly magical setting.

What a name! It is not without reason that Alain Resnais shot his legendary film at Marienbad. A masterwork of Nouvelle Vague about the boredom of the Bourgeoisie. Awaiting you today is the most modern and rebuilt Grand Spa where the upper classes of Europe once recuperated from doing nothing. Step into a new world of wellbeing with a long tradition.
Enjoy here a cure- and wellness holiday on the trail of history and important guests. After all, Goethe also took the cure at Marienbad.



According to the legend the city of Karlovy Vary was discovered and founded by the Czech king Charles IV and the written history begins on 14.8.1370, when the residential place received the status and rights of one kings town. All following sovereigns confirmed these privileges. The 18 century was the time of full boom and glory for the spring town for many many years. The biggest publicity boost for Karlovy Vary were the two visits by Russian czar Peter the Great in 1711 and 1712.
The period around 1900 is a period of the greatest blossom of the thermal town, a period of a construction of new traffic routes, of grandiose and sometimes even pompous buildings, period of luxury and gentility, of helpfulness and hospitality. In addition to that, there is a five - hundred – years lasting spa water cure and an excellent reputation of the romantic place, enhanced by frequent visits of important and famous persons. Karlovy Vary became not only the worldly spa but also European centre of a high life in central Europe. Visiting the famous spa was literally a matter of prestige for all rich people as well as for the ruling aristocracy.
Under a strong Viennese influence a metropolitan spirit comes to the spa. Buildings of unprecedented dimensions with better facilities are built in the town. The construction of the Military Spa Sanatorium in 1855 is among the first extensive ones, following by Baths no. III and IV. In the years 1878 – 80, the pompous stone colonnade that was designed by architect Josef Zitek is finished. The Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner designed between 1875 – 1914 the most distinct outlines in the lovely face of the thermal town. In the year 1886 the new Municipal Theatre is finished and opened after the project from Helmer and Fellner, the Pupp Hotel complex starts to rebuilt.
This boisterous building progress is interrupted in 1890 by a terrible natural disaster. After a long lasting raise in the whole territory of Western Bohemia, and especially in Tepla river basin, a catastrophic situation set on November 23th and 24th in the spa valley. The flood wave strake the town in an unprecedented measure. The waves of the wild water reached nearly five meters high and destroyed everything that they met on their way. After the autumn rains a cruel winter came.
A stately building of the Imperial Bath was erected in the years 1893 – 95, on the place of the old brewery. The spa treatment concentrated into five main baths buildings. The social high life took place around the „Poštovní dvůr“( Post Yard), on the Richmond Hotel´s terraces, in „Švýcarský dvůr“ (Swiss Court) Hotel´s garden restaurant, in the old Sanssouci Hotel, in Pupp Grandhotel, in the Theatre, at the music salon in the Municipal park and in Orfeum Variety with revue programmes.
In the years 1875 – 1897 the Anglican church, a Jewish synagogue and the Russian Orthodox church were gradually bulit for worshippers. The west villadom Carlsbad „Westend“ was built in between these three churches. The architecture of this housing estate thus expresses the craving for originality and worldliness. Especially the large buildings of Savoy Spa Sanatorium complex - Kleopatra and Carlton villas designed by Viennese architect A. Bayer in 1897 – stand out among dozens of unique villas. A rebuilt Richmond Hotel with its terraces and vast garden is opened at the opposite end of the spa. The tumultuous construction activity reached its height by finishing the dominant „modern castle“ above the town – Imperial Hotel. The hotel was connected with the spa district by one tunnel funicular and one surface funicular.
With the shots of Sarajevo – it was the end of the wonderful period Geyser town’s prosperity, the end of the real „Golden age“ of Carlsbad. The town suffered a lot of damages during the two world wars.

The important visitors:
W.Goethe, F. Schiller, T. Körner, L.van Beethoven, N. Paganini,
N.V.Gogol, F. Liszt, A.Stifter, S.Freud, J.Brahms,T.Fontaine,
A.Dvořák, J.S.Bach, Casanova, F.Chopin, J.E.Purkyně, E.Grieg,
F. Kafka, R.Wagner etc.

Among the traditional symbols and specialities of Karlovy Vary belong the famous and unique Geyser Vřídlo, statue of chamois, upon so called Deer jump hill, herbal liqueur Becherovka which has been made here since 1807, sweet waffles called „Oplatky“, Mosser crystal glass high quality china, petrified rose of mineral rock and the international film festival. Karlovy Vary is the most famous spa town in Czech republic.

The building boom at second half of the 19th century in spirit of secession and historicism had the biggest influence on looks of the town itself. The very own villa district, later on named „Westend“, was built at the beginning of nineties of the 19th century. The Westend is very unique and valuable architectonic collection of World and European architecture.
A palace hotel Bristol became the first building.
Between the years 1895 – 96 after the two design variants by Wiennese architekt Alfred Bayer, the works on Savoy Westend Hotel started in 1897. Villas Rusalka, Kleopatra and Carlton were built at the same time. The Persian shah Musaffer – Eddin visited Savoy Westend Hotel in 1902 and the first president of Czechoslovakia between the years 1923 – 33.
Some of the villas were transferred into apartment building, kindergartens etc., after the second world war. In spite of all that, these villas were well enough preserved and saved.
Their architectonic nature finishes pleasantly the mood of this spa place. One can feel somewhat pleasant , layback mood and unforgettable charm of the architecture along with surroundings in this particular part of town till these days.



The SPA & WELLNESS hotel Olympia**** was opened on August 15, 2005. A new building, the final appearance of which meets even the most demanding international criteria of the travel trade and spa.   Owing to its top-quality furnishings, amenities and the top level of provided services, the hotel is able to satisfy the above-standard requirements of its demanding domestic, as well as foreign, guests.   The hotel Olympia**** is situated in one of the most beautiful districts of Mariánské Lázně, in the peaceful centre of the town, in the upper part of the spa zone, in the vicinity of woods and spa parks. The pleasant atmosphere of your stay will be augmented by the magnificent view of the nearby spa colonnade with the world famous Singing Fountain, located just 200 metres from the hotel.   Guest rooms in six different variants are available to the hotel guests, decorated with an ingenious combination of colours, furnished with elegant furniture, laying emphasis on maximum comfort as well as the high level of provided services.   The balneocentre with its state-of-the-art equipment and furnishings specialised on curative, relaxation and wellness stays, the hotel salt water swimming pool, Finnish sauna, the hairdressing and cosmetic salon, are all available to guests 7 days a week.


Hotel Villa Butterfly *****


Hlavní Třída Street 655, Mariánské Lázně

Hotel is situated in the center of town, with full view of the park and the casino, close to the colonnade. Hotel complex is in the traditional style of Marienbad with the comfort of a large international Hotel.

There are 88 bedrooms and 8 suites, equipped with bathrooms with bathtubs and toilet, SAT TV, minibar, radio, alarm clock, direct phone, Internet connection and hairdryer. Lady L. luxury suite has a Jacuzzi bathtub and shower.

Hotel services: Café de Paris – restaurant in buffet style, La Fontaine – Czech and International cuisine, lobby bar. Conference room King Edward's Club – traditional meeting room and conference area for 80 clients in English style, music, reading and game lounges, Conference room Belleveu for 120 clients with modern technical equipment and with attractive view of the Main street. Indoor parking for 33 cars.

SPA TREATMENT: Spa department in the Hotel. Client can choose from wide choice of wellness and beauty programs. Partial body massages, regeneration massages, reflex massages, shihatsu masage, aroma massages, peat pack for back / shoulders, dry carbon-dioxide gas bath, gas injections, paraffin packs, oxygen therapy, classical cosmetic treatment, manicure, pedicure, body wraps, solarium, hairdresser, sauna, swimming pool /12 x 5,5 m/, whirlpool and fitness free of charge



Hotel Excelsior *****


Hlavní Street 121, Mariánské Lázně

The Hotel Excelsior (in the Art Nouveau style) is situated on the main spa street at the beginning of the cure centre and overlooking the spa parks and colonnade. It has more than hundred years' gastronomic experience and tradition in guests keeping. The hotel was completely reconstructed during the years 1992 and 1993. In 2001 was build the new modern spa resort.

Hotel offers 64 stylish and comfortable rooms (singles, doubles and 3 apartments). All the rooms are stylish, equipped with comfortable and cozy style. All include an elegant bathroom and toilet, direct phone, SAT TV and minibar.

Hotel services: “Churchill pub and restaurant” with 45 seats, Restaurant “1900” for 110 guests with Czech and International cuisine, meeting room for 30 people, sauna, massages and solarium.

SPA TREATMENT: Balneo suite on the hotel´s first floor offers: classic, reflexive and under water massages, gas bags, mud packs, gasinjections, paraffin etc.)

1889-1892 and paid for by the Tepla monastery. The spa hotel Centrální Lázně is one of the oldest buildings



Hotel Flora ****


Nehrova Street 128, Mariánské Lázně

The Hotel Flora has an ideal setting in the centre of the Spa quarter, 50 m from colonnade and curing springs. Before World War I, the Flora Hotel belonged to one of the most luxurious Hotels in the town and was particularly sought after by the Russian aristocracy.

Nowadays, the newly reconstructed and modernized Hotel offers 69 elegant rooms, all with shower and toilet, direct phone, SAT TV, safe and hairdryer.

Hotel services: Hotel restaurant, Café bar restaurant on the top floor it has a beautiful view of the town.

SPA TREATMENT: There are thermal Spa water facilities, which provide several procedures in the Hotel.



Hotel Villa Regent ***


Masarykova 21, Mariánské Lázně

The hotel Villa Regent is newly reconstructed 3 star hotel with romantic architecture and friendly atmosphere. The hotel is located in the spa park, opposite Casino Bellevue.

This hotel offers 18 doubles and one single room which are equipped with shower, toilet, sat TV and direct dialing telephone.

Hotel services: restaurant, bar, summer terrace, parking next to the hotel, reception arranges cultural programmers’, therapeutic procedures, tourists outgoing, water cures, golf, tennis, swimming pool, casino, sightseeing’s.

SPA TREATMENT: In hotel Silva, or other Spa Hotels and Sanatoriums upon request,



Hotel Sonáta (Marienbad) ***


Plzeňská 97, Mariánské Lázně

The hotel Sonáta is middle category hotel located 1 km from the town centre and 2,5 km from the Collonade.

Hotel Sonáta offers 40 double rooms with possibility of an extra bed. All rooms are equipped with a shower, WC, sat TV and direct dialing telephone.

Hotel services: restaurant, summer terrace and parking next to the hotel, reception arranges cure, cultural programmers’, guided tours, trips, sightseeing flights, golf, tennis, swimming pool.

SPA TREATMENT: In hotel FLORA, or other Spa Hotels and Sanatoriums upon request.