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Therapeutic procedures based on natural resources:

Carbonic baths, gas baths, gas injections

The most important part of these procedures is carbon dioxide. It is absorbed via the skin and it has impacts on the nerve endings and relaxes the contracted vessels. The blood circulation of the organs improves, the blood pressure increases and the nerve system calms down. Carbonic procedures are indicated for the cardio-vascular diseases.

Carbonic baths

Mineral waters from Františkovy Lázně with a high content of carbon dioxide are used for the carbonic baths. The bath temperature is most often at 33-34°C and their length depends on the doctor’s prescription. The effects of carbon dioxide show in better blood circulation, a lower blood pressure and lightening the load on the heart. Apart from the cardio-vascular diseases the baths are successfully used for the treatment of locomotive organs and gynaecological difficulties.

Vaginal irrigation

The irrigation of the vagina with mineral water helps to absorb the chronic infiltrates in the female organs better thanks to the increased blood circulation caused by carbon dioxide. It has also positive impacts on the mucous membrane.

Gas carbonic baths

The dry gaseous carbon dioxide from natural seepage is used. It is applied in a joint therapeutic procedure for similar indications as carbonic baths in mineral water, and with similar although slightly milder effects. The baths are also applied as a separate procedure for diseases of female organs.

Gas injections

These are hypodermic injections of carbon dioxide which help to improve local blood circulation, and which can influence even more distant organs by improving the blood circulation and by relaxing any spasms (painful muscle contractions). The injections are used for the diseases of locomotive organs and blood circulation.

Mud treatments

The effect of mud procedures is based on the quality to accumulate and transfer the heat slowly. Therefore the patients are able to bear the high temperature of mud whilst they would not be able to bear the same temperature in a water bath. The effect lies in the improved blood circulation, improved metabolism and positive influence on chronic inflammation. The acidity of the mud destroys all micro bodys including fungus. Mud procedures are used for the treatment of locomotive organs and female diseases.

Mud baths

Their temperature and duration are prescribed by the doctor (usually lasting fifteen to twenty minutes at the water temperature of 40-45°C). The patient must be still during the bath, no matter if it is a full body bath, three quarter or half bath. During the bath the heat is gradually transmitted activating thermoregulating processes. The baths are used for the diseases of locomotive organs and gynaecological diseases.

Mud packs

Their effect is similar to the mud baths but there is a more specific influence on an affected part of the body, for example spine or joints. The advantage lies in smaller side effects, such as a reduced strain on blood circulation.

Mud vaginal tampons

This is a specialised gynaecological procedure which combines thermal effects with other effects of mud treatments, e.g. the anti-microbial, astringent, absorption and hormonal-like effects. The effect is more evident when this treatment is combined with a mud pack or a mud bath.



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